Top 7 Best Coffee Shops in San Jose

San Jose is a great city different from other famous California cities. It has a peaceful energy that is easy to miss. Even claiming to be the capital of Silicon Valley is done with a quiet sense of self-assurance. Independent coffee shops and roasters have grown significantly over the past few years. But, like the city, you may have to look hard to find the gems right ahead of you. We agree that looking for unique places in the city can be fun, but time is not always on our side. We lied, then.

In true spoiler-alert style, we’ll tell you about the best coffee shops in San Jose that might not be as well known. Below, you’ll find information about each cafe’s location, specialty, menu, and more!

1.     Phiz Coffee

Phiz Coffee

Philz Coffee, like the city itself, is about mixing coffees from different cultures to make something new and different. Phil Jaber, who started the company, loved coffee and used to mix different blends in his spare time.

His coffee shop is now one of the most popular in the city. This is because its founder put a lot of effort into making it warm, friendly, and sound. Jaber’s blends have also become well-known, and you can buy many of them in stores.

You can choose your favorite brew and choose between a light, medium, or dark roast.

2.     Peet’s Tea and Coffee Shops

Peet’s Tea and Coffee Shops

Peet’s Coffee is an exciting mix of a coffee shop and a service that brings you coffee. Moreover, They have stores all over the US, including a cafe in the center of San Jose. You can stop by or sign up for their coffee subscription service, which brings your favorite brew to your door. They serve both coffee and tea.

There are many different blends to choose from, and each one is roasted by hand just for you. Take advantage of the shop’s calm and friendly atmosphere to try one of Peet’s Coffee & Tea out-of-this-world seasonal specialties.

3.     Voltaire Coffee Roasters

Voltaire Coffee Roasters

Voltaire is an independent coffee bean roaster that gets its beans from good, fair-trade farms worldwide. The company was named after the philosopher known to drink more than 50 cups of coffee daily.

They have many blends and roasts so everyone can find something they like. You can get a bag in the cafe while you’re getting one to go.

This cafe has a clean, modern look and is a great place to meet friends for lunch or in the afternoon. They serve bagel sandwiches, other baked goods, tea, juice, chai, and other drinks and foods.

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4.     Spectra Coffee

Spectra Coffee

Spectra Coffee is an excellent place for lunch, business, a meeting, a chat with friends, or the whole family. There are many different kinds of coffee, tea, and snacks on the menu. Their house blend of coffee is tasty, and their skilled baristas are always coming up with new ones.

If you want something sweet, try some of the cookies, muffins, or brownies that are baked right there. You can also get yogurt, bagels, and other small dishes to eat there or take with you.

5.     Chromatic Roastery

Chromatic Roastery

The coffee beans at Chromatic Roastery are even better than the coffee shop itself. These environmentally friendly coffee roasters hand-roast their coffee in a light to medium blend with just the right amount of flavor and strength for everyone.

They also have a variety of blends. Chromatic’s team is dedicated to the art of making great coffee. When they can, they buy beans from nearby farms. They share this love and commitment in the cafe, which has a warm and inviting atmosphere that mixes rustic and industrial styles.

You can get a pastry or another small meal when you stop by for a latte, mocha, or Americano. Don’t forget to pick up some stuff to take home with you.

6.     Roy’s Station Coffee and Tea

Roy's Station Coffee and Tea

Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea is a new hip, calm, and fun place. It is right in the middle of Japantown. These happy coffee lovers have turned a gas station into a great relaxing place. It is owned by their family and will be passed on to the next generation.

They use Verve beans and have made some tasty specialty coffee drinks that make it worth going out of your way to see them. Not only that, but they also have different kinds of specialty teas, depending on how you feel.

Roy’s Station has a large outdoor eating area where you can sip your beer in the fresh air. You can also enjoy the sleek and modern interior.

7.     The Blue Bottle Coffee Shops

Blue Bottle Coffee Shops
<strong>Blue Bottle Coffee<strong> Shops

Blue Bottle Coffee is suitable in the middle of downtown San Jose. Since the farmers market is next door, this is a great place to stop for a great cup of coffee while getting your groceries for the week.

The space feels airy, comfortable, and open because of the exposed beams and floor-to-ceiling windows, which give it a minimalist feel. You can now sign up for Blue Bottle’s subscription service in the shop and have their blends sent to your home.

They also have a section with tea bags, coffee brewers, and other items that all have their signature clean, straightforward design. Try their granola, chocolate, and other extras as well. You can’t go wrong with a cup of their best coffee because they want to teach people about the art of brewing.


San Jose is a city that needs to be seen with open eyes and no expectations. Once you get your bearings, you won’t be disappointed by the unique vibe of this busy, young, and diverse city. The same is true of their coffee, too.

Some cafes are well-known and easy to find, while others take more time. They are proud to be part of San Jose and its growing coffee culture.

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