Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles Reviewed

Even if it’s going as slowly as a snail on the freeway, Los Angeles is always moving in some direction. Where do we get our daily dose of energy from? Coffee, coffee, and more coffee, preferably with a short pause at one of the city’s top-rated coffee shops in between each cup.

Angelenos desperately need a lovely coffee shop in their neighborhood just as much as they need a good taco stand. It is the perfect activity to do during a break from work in the middle of the day or with a delicious brunch.

But where exactly can I find a decent cup? What factors determine the quality of a coffee shop? Even though different people may have different ideas, we have compiled a comprehensive, citywide guide of locations that feature excellent coffee that has been carefully sourced, delectable pastries and other snacks, beautiful interiors (and, in some cases, exteriors), and other distinctive touches that are mindful of the community as well as sustainability.

We have also listed other essential establishments anyone passionate about coffee would like to visit. To assist you in finding the most fantastic beer, we have sampled beverages at the various top establishments in the city.

Look at our guide, give us your feedback, and then head back there. It would help if you got things done.

List of Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles Reviewed

1.      Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger is the coffee business Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski are developing into an empire. They have maintained their first G&B Coffee stand at Grand Central Market for many years.

In a short amount of time, Get Em Tiger has expanded into a neighbourhood chain that now encompasses eight different locations across the city. The fact that each place has its character and allure helps to ensure that things will never become boring.

Customers can either sit on the patio and enjoy pastries, brunch meals, and retail items or get goodies to go as well as grab-and-go bottles of house-made cold brew to take with them. Our pick? It would help if you tried the cappuccino made with macadamia nut and almond milk.

2.      Verve Coffee Roasters

The Santa Cruz-based coffee company Verve experienced significant expansion in Los Angeles, particularly at its relatively recent Arts District facility. This 7,000-square-foot café and coffee roastery serves as the company’s flagship establishment in the city.

The restaurant is open throughout the day. Plus, its menu features a selection of dishes from other countries. It even has a few delicious coffee-based mocktails exclusive to the establishment. You’ll find the signature Verve menu wherever you go, whether in Manhattan Beach, Melrose, West Third, or Downtown, complete with espresso standards, nitro cold brews, by-the-cup alternatives, and a few reassuring nibbles.

You may also buy beans and other necessities for making coffee at home, including filters and pour-over systems.

The system is built on helping farmers and being kind to the environment. Takeout and online ordering are available at each Los Angeles location.

3.      Menotti’s Coffee Shop

Menotti’s Coffee Stop (emphasis on “stop”) provides the ambience of a warm and inviting retreat. It has some bustling tourist sites surrounding it, including Venice Boardwalk and a trendy Culver City. Both of which are located close.

The rooms are all cosy while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic. They have most of the focus being placed on the beans. There is not a lot of seating available. Nonetheless, records are playing on vinyl and a lot of enjoyable, up-to-date house compositions.

Therefore, consider your little “stop” and your coffee tonic as a dosage of tranquilly that you can bring with you as you walk along the Boardwalk.

4.      Civil Coffee

Well, it’s one of the most incredible spots in Highland Park to grab a cup of coffee and a croissant. This spacious and trendy coffee shop is always packed with customers. Well, this isn’t unexpected given that it’s always busy.

It has recently opened a second store in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. The shop’s first location features high ceilings, tiled flooring, and several different places to relax. This will include tables, couches, and a terrace at the rear of the building.

A satisfying meal can be had by eating toast, breakfast burritos, and pastries from Sugarbloom Bakery. The espresso mix is updated regularly. But the teas and speciality coffee drinks are more or less consistent during each visit.

The Figueroa is a delicious drink topped with a Maria Cookie. It hence contains sweetened condensed milk, espresso, milk, and cinnamon. It is one of our favourites.

5.      The Alfred Coffee and Kitchen

The handlebar moustache that is Alfred Coffee & Kitchen’s trademark may be too adorable for words, but it goes pretty well with the atmosphere of the rest of the establishment.

Visit any of their many locations in Melrose, West Hollywood, Westwood, Studio City, K-town, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, or Silver Lake. Watch a well-dressed barista prepare a delicious Americano for you. Among the other neighbourhoods they serve are Silver Lake, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, and Pacific Palisades.

The pastries are delicious, and the Wi-Fi is free. Plus, the coffee is straightforward. Thus, there is a wide variety of teas to choose from. In short, the overall experience, especially regarding speciality beverages, is challenging to forego posting on Instagram.

Seriously it would be helpful to have a grip on that sign that says “But first, coffee.”


So what are you waiting for? If you have been to Los Angeles and are desperately looking for a delicious coffee, head to these amazing coffee shops right now. Even if you are not a coffee lover, still visiting these places will make you in love with them!

Happy coffee!

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