Top 7 Best Coffee Shops in San Diego Reviewed

Are you a fan of coffee and live in the state of California? San Diego is quickly becoming one of the top spots to visit for excellent coffee taste. This destination has a diverse selection of specialized coffee shops. Over the last two years, the third-wave coffee movement has wholly overrun the coastal city.

Whether you call San Diego home or a vacation place, you should make it a point to stop at one of the city’s many coffee shops and peruse the extensive collection of brews from across the globe. Here is a list of the best and our favorite coffee shops in San Diego. Let’s take you into the world of coffee heaven:

1.     Better Buzz Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

You won’t want to, but you won’t be able to avoid the Better Buzz Coffee shops. They are located across San Diego. Their retail locations are decked up in refined and yet homey outlooks. They have the best decorations and furniture, which lend an air of friendliness and comfort to the atmosphere.

Additionally, the baristas are pleasant to talk to and delightful to share their passions with customers.

Better Buzz offers a wide variety of delicious coffee drinks. All of them are sure to satisfy the cravings of any coffee enthusiast. People who want something to eat in addition to their caffeine fix can obtain morning pastries. There are some other breakfast foods at that location as well

2.     Bing Haus

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

Coffee and ice cream are together in a way that is both delicious and unforgettable at Bing Haus.

The baristas are courteous. They are happy to have a great talk with you while they are making your coffee. They make handcrafted coffee beverages with local Bird Rock Coffee that are sure to impress.

We returned not just due to the excellent coffee but also due to the unique ice cream flavor combinations. Their food is exciting and intriguing and also pairs nicely with the espresso and coffee they serve.

3.     Bump coffee

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

In the heart of Cardiff-by-the-Sea sits the cozy little coffee business known as Bump Coffee. They don’t have any seats, but they make up for it with their excellent coffee.

Pour-over fans are going to be particularly happy a lot with Bump Coffee. This is because the baristas there has the art of hand-brewing coffee down to a science. The shop may not be huge, but it has a stunning interior design. We strongly suggest going there if you want to pick up a cup of coffee on the way out.

Additionally, you may get CBD as an accompaniment to your coffee or as a separate item. You can even have the empanadas available in-house will blow your mind.

4.     Steady State Roasting Co.

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

We adore the environment of Steady State Roasting Co., which features an eye-catching honeycomb bar and stunning, up-to-date design.

This little coffee shop may be small. But it packs a lot of punch regarding excitement and high energy. You won’t just get enough of it. In this coffee place, the baristas are just as thrilled to prepare your coffee. They will chat with you as you are to enjoy their excellent coffee.

Hence, the menu’s fantastic and intriguing coffee concoctions are updated frequently. They are the reason for the buzzing popularity of this place. We pick that location, and it’s great to see something novel each time we do. Every single time, you will find something intriguing part of the menu.

5.     Copa Vida

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

Copa Vida coffee place has multiple branches in the city. Their retail locations are famous for their immaculate cleanliness and airiness. They hence add their whole area with a sophisticated appearance and modern feel.

You will feel more awake even if you don’t consume any coffee because the environment itself is stimulating. A beautifully straightforward black-and-white motif throughout their interior design makes you feel warm.

Their coffee appears to have come from another world. You have access to a diverse selection of types and flavors. This will increase the likelihood that you will come across something picks your interest.

In addition, they provide a delectable breakfast and lunch menu, as well as freshly baked bread.

6.     The Grounds Bean Bar

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

The Grounds Bean Bar is a cozy coffee shop located only a few blocks from the beach. It is the kind of place where you can have engaging conversations with interesting people.

There is a sense of peace and relaxation throughout the space. Thus, the baristas are warm and welcoming, and even the customers themselves are pleasant.

This bar serves delicious coffee in addition to hip beverages like turmeric lattes. Hence, are you in the mood for a classic cup of black coffee or something unusual? Well, you won’t be disappointed by this bean bar!

7.     Scrimshaw Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego
Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

You should go to Scrimshaw Coffee if you want to have engaging conversations with fascinating people while drinking excellent coffee. The baristas are always happy to engage customers in conversation on intriguing topics.

Plus, the shop’s layout encourages customers to start conversations with one another, thanks to the open seating. The coffee is roasted locally and is of such high quality. And the discussions in this coffee shop are sure to be some of the most interesting.

Do you feel the warm personal interaction and excellent coffee aren’t enough for you? Therefore, Scrimshaw also offers a selection of light breakfast foods and pastries in case that’s what you’re looking for.


San Diego has always had beautiful beaches, fresh ocean air, sunny weather, and friendly people. But in the last ten years or so, a lot of third-wave coffee shops have opened. This place has brought tasty coffee creations and a new culture with them.

If you’re in the city for a day, a week, or even live there, you should try to visit as many coffee shops as possible. Each one is different. Thus, each one has a great atmosphere. They have an environment of good people and, most importantly, great coffee. These all qualities will make you want to go back for more.

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