Top 5 Famous Shoe stores in New York

New York City is probably one of the most iconic cities in the world. The city has unique shops, restaurants, and gorgeous locations to visit. If you see the city, you’ll want a pair of shoes. But with so many shops, where do you start? We have selected the top 5 shoe stores in New York City, so you have no excuse to have the worst-dressed feet in the city.

1.     Mephisto Store in New York

You can find high-end brands at the Mephisto store in New York, from the iconic Mephisto Chelsea style to the Mephisto Haus, with the Mephisto store in New York selling all ranges in their collection.

For the latest fashion trends for men, women and kids, you will love the Mephisto shoe store in New York, which offers a range of styles and designs for men, women, and children of all ages.

Mephisto has been a household name for iconic shoes for years. Although Mephisto has been selling good shoes for a long time, it has recently started selling its products online.

More About Mephisto

Mephisto shoes are known for their comfort, style, and quality. The company has been making shoes for over 35 years and has a reputation for producing some of the best shoes in the world. Mephisto shoes are made in France and available in various styles for both men and women. The company has a store in New York City where you can try and purchase shoes. They have a wide selection of shoes, and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is amiable and helpful and always have a sale.

There are several different shoe stores you might go to. But if you are in midtown, you should check out Mephisto. A store that specializes in shoes that are as good as they look. And they have some significant collections to offer.

Contact and Location Details

Address: 488 Madison Ave Ste 104, New York, NY 10022

 Phone number (347) 896-5838


2.     HypeClub

HypeClub is a new shoe store in New York City. They opened their first store in New York in the Flatiron District. Shops like hype club buy and sell shoes online at discounted prices.

HypeClub is an online shoe store that works like a store franchise in the United States. Shoe stores in New York and other parts of the country buy and sell their wares through this online store. has over 10,000 pairs of shoes in its inventory. These stores also buy shoes they need to make room for the new pairs that they bring in.

More About HypeClub

HypeClub started in 2012 as an online marketplace for sneakers in NYC. HypeClub quickly gained popularity and a devoted following of sneaker enthusiasts and fans of street culture. Customers loved the site, and the community began to flourish. In 2013, HypeClub became the official online store of Harlem-based sneaker NikeTown New York. This partnership enabled the retailer to provide their customers access to even more exclusive sneakers from Nike and Adidas and to customers across the US and internationally. In September 2014, HypeClub became the official online shoe shoe store of KITH, one of the fastest.

Hype club is a footwear retail store in New York, part of the footwear group, HypeClub. The store retails a collection of some of the most authentic and latest western, urban, casual and sports shoes for men and women.

Contact And Location Details

Address: 710 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Phone# (212) 401-4885


3.     Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack shoe store in new york is one of the US’s most famous retailers. Now Nordstrom Rack has opened a new store in Thompson, with sizes for women and men, in addition to children, maternity and baby clothes.

The company was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin as a shoe store in Seattle, Washington. The company opened its first branch store, Nordstrom’s Discount City, in 1950 in Seattle, followed by another discount shoe store in Everett in 1955. In 1957, it opened Nordstrom’s Boulder store at 2801 28th Avenue in Boulder, Colorado.

Nordstrom then opened three more discount stores in Seattle known as Nordstrom’s

More About Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, Inc., founded in 1973. It is a clearance store offering reduced prices for designer apparel, footwear, and accessories. Nordstrom Rack also has a loyalty program called “The Nordy Club,” which allows members to earn points and redeem them for rewards.

Nordstrom Rack also offers a variety of home items, including bedding, bath items, kitchen items, home decor, accessories, and shoes for women, men, and children.

It was established in 1973.

For more than 100 years, Nordstrom has worked to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style – not just buy fashion. Since 1901, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and improving it daily. This commitment has taken us from a small Seattle shoe store to the leading fashion speciality retailer we are today. We are proud to serve customers in 38 states, with 118 full-line stores in the United States and one in Canada. We also serve customers in 96 countries through the Nordstrom website. Free shipping and free returns, mobile shopping and exciting new retail partnerships offer us continued opportunities to serve customers in more ways with a fresh, relevant shopping experience and inspiring style. Fashion changes. Shopping Changes.

Contact And Location Details:

Address: 60 E 14th St New York, NY 10003

Ph#: (212) 220-2080


4.     Stadium Goods Shoe Store In New York

Stadium Goods is a consignment shoe store specializing in sneakers, streetwear and designer clothing from high-profile brands. The store is located in New York and has a trendy feel. What sets it apart from other stores is that it sells items initially bought from the high-end designer store for a lot less.

Stadium Goods, the sneaker reselling business, has teamed up with the Shoe Surgeon to create a pop-up store in New York on New York’s Highline. The store will be open for one month, from November 12th to December 10th. We’ve been to the store and have done a job for two shoemakers who can work on sneakers chosen by the customer.

More About Stadium Goods

NMDs, Jordans, Nikes, Yeezys, and more. All of the hottest and rarest, 100% authenticated, at Stadium Goods.

They are one of the few retailers taking advantage of the secondary sneaker market, which is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2020. Stadium Goods brings together customers who want to purchase sneakers without breaking the bank and high-fashion brands who need an outlet to sell their rarest sneakers.

Contact And Location Details:

Address: 47 Howard St, New York, NY 10013

Ph#: (646) 779-8410


5.     Tip Top Shoes a shoe store in New York

New York-based shoe design brand, Tip Top Shoes, has its eyes on the prize with its innovative, affordable and stylish designs that go above and beyond the norm; it looks like they’re on top of the world!

Tip Top Shoes is a store that sells shoes, especially in New York—chosen as a unique test market for various cutting-edge brands. Tip Top Shoes and its charismatic owner Danny Wasserman is the hidden secret of the footwear business in New York City. One of the first independent stores to introduce high-tech fitness and wellness footwear brands like Vibram Five fingers and MBT’s, as well as high-end fashion labels like Thierry Rabotin and Arche. Carrying over 100 different fashion brands with an extensive array of hard-to-find sizes and widths, coupled with a constant emphasis on novelty, there is always something new at Tip Top Shoes!

More About Tip Top Shoes

Established in 1940.

The legend, which started in Israel, continued in Germany, then in New York when Max Wasserman told his son Danny that he (Danny’s dad) was born in a shoe box and later carried off and on ladders by his mother while she picked shoe boxes for customers. Later, after his return from the military in the mid-1960s, Danny Wasserman took the helm of Tip Top Shoes, the four-generation family shoe store. Formerly specialized in orthopaedic shoes, Danny introduced fashion footwear for men, women and children. Forty years later, Tip Top Shoes has become a gem in the shopping mecca that is New York City.

Contact And Location Details:

Address: 155 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

Ph#: (212) 787-4960


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