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Top 5 Best Travel Agents in San Diego, CA Reviewed

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could go on a luxurious vacation without having to plan where to go, book flights and hotels, pack, or look for a place to stay?

There are high-end travel agencies in San Diego that can alleviate some of the pressure that you are under.

In addition to their expertise, their knowledge of places, and the assistance they provide with travel, these agents make it simple for you to save money and stay to your budget.

You can’t go wrong with any of the luxury travel agents on this list, whether you’re going on a trip for business or for pleasure.

1.     Just Escape Travel

Just Escape Travel is an industry leader in providing customised, unique, and life-changing travel experiences. They offer their services for clients all over the world. They provide everything that a traveller may want, whether they are searching for a wellness retreat or a romance adventure.

They have everything that a traveller could want. They have travelled in order to scout out potential destinations and carefully choose potential partners. This is just in order to provide the greatest possible travel experience for their customers.

In light of this, they provide holiday packages for honeymoons and family vacations. They also have packages for luxury vacations, ocean and river cruises, adventure travel, all-inclusive resorts, and beach and island getaways.


Address: San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (800) 815-7578

2.     Purple Light Vacations

Purple Light Vacations assists customers in locating, planning, and booking the vacation that best meets their requirements. They provide something additional to each traveller at no further expense.

They have assisted customers in reducing the amount of time and money spent on their travels. Thus, they are simultaneously improving the quality of those trips thanks to the wealth of experience they possess.

Thus, they have been awarded an advanced travel agent accreditation by the American Society of Travel Advisors. They have the status of Elite Cruise Consultation designation by the Cruise Line International Association.

Because of this membership, they are able to provide their customers with more discounts, upgrades, and additional services. In addition to that, they offer vacation packages catered specifically to men, women, and members of the LGBT community.


Address: 3650 Fifth Ave Ste 309 San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 324-1444

3.     Grand Journeys

Grand Journeys provides customised four- and five-star vacations to destinations located all over the world. They start off their services in 2005. Ever since that time, they have been assisting travellers in every step of the trip planning process.

They are dedicated to putting together a vacation package that can be as comprehensive or as customizable as the individual customer desires. In addition, they provide different deals for persons who are travelling by themselves, with a companion, or with a large group.

Tours, cruises, and land excursions are all included in these vacation packages. They consider the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa to be part of their lexicon.


Address: 11828 Rancho Bernardo Rd Ste 208 San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: (858) 251-3753

4.     Live Laugh Love Travel

People choose Live Laugh Love Travel to undertake research, negotiate for the best prices, and book their vacations. They are a full-service travel agency. Therefore they always offer the greatest deal possible on vacation packages, regardless of the client’s financial situation.

In order to locate the most advantageous travel bargains for their customers, they maintain tight relationships with other full-service travel agencies, wholesalers, and consolidators. Their services include the organisation of destination weddings, honeymoons, and bachelorette parties that entail travel.

In addition, they may organise land travel, cruise travel, and automobile rentals for their clients. They provide all-inclusive holiday packages. Thus includes vacations to a variety of destinations, such as the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and many others.


Address: San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: (310) 492-5586

5.     Driftwood Adventure Treks

Driftwood Adventure Treks is a company that specialises in designing vacations for those who have a passion for exploring new places. Under their packages, you will be experiencing new activities, as well as for families and small groups.

The experience focuses on cultural immersion, travel photography, and personal development. This provides travellers with the opportunity to meet with locals. They can Nepal, Latin America, Vietnam, and other locations in an authentic manner.

Other destinations include. People who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the world around them should seize this wonderful chance. There are numerous treks that may be taken. Some of which include going to Everest Base Camp, Anna Purna Base Camp, and The Gokyo Lakes.

This excursion is also open to be taken independently by family units, smaller groups, and individuals.


Address: San Diego, CA 92037
Phone: (603) 731-8673

So if you are really into a search of arranging a memorable trip for traveling with family and still you don’t know which destination is worth to visit, then do hire a professional travel agent right now. Grab the one which you feel has enough knowledge about the world destinations and traveling around to make it a smooth experience for you.

Happy traveling!

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